Jesus, You Take the Lead

Jesus, You Take the Lead

Posted on : April 26, 2024

Last week, a parishioner sent this to me. I have to say this made me laugh! Maybe you have noticed how my dog Blaise has the knack of walking himself.  I simply put the leash in his mouth and he does the rest!  It certainly makes my life easier and the people of God always laugh at it.  But the question is:  is this really the way we are called to live our lives?  When we wake up every morning, we have a choice: we can choose to begin the day with Jesus or we can simply jump into life on our own.  Sometimes we let our own passions, desires, hopes and dreams lead us.  While many of these can be great ideas, are they leading us to true happiness?  Are they leading us to heaven?  Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.  He is the way.  When you wake up tomorrow morning, simply pray, “Lead me, Lord.”  Put the leash in His hand and be amazed at where He will take you.

This past Tuesday, we welcomed Bishop Woost as we celebrated Confirmation.  It was awesome to see these youth of our parish approach the Bishop with that openness to let the Holy Spirit lead them in their lives.  We sang “Veni Sancti Spiritus” – Come Holy Spirit.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will set aflame a fire in their hearts so that the Lord will lead them to great heights with all the angels and saints!

Lastly, I ask you to pray for our 2nd graders who have been preparing well for First Communion.  They had a retreat last week and had practice this weekend.  They will receive First Communion on May 4.  At the Confirmation Mass, we found a piece of artwork by one of the little ones.  Perhaps this child found the most precious moment of the Mass to draw.  It is beautiful.  Pray that our 2nd graders, along with their family members, continually unpack the awesome gift of the Eucharist in their lives now and forever!

Lead us Lord into everlasting life!
Fr. Jeremy

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