Liturgical Ministries

Saint Francis de Sales Parish is a vibrant community offering opportunities for growing closer to Jesus Christ through prayer, service, and fellowship.

The liturgical ministries are directly related to daily, weekly, and holiday liturgies.

Altar Servers

Pope Francis says serving at the altar, is a privileged way to draw closer to Jesus, which in turn “enables you to open yourselves to others, to journey together, to set demanding goals and to find the strength to achieve them.

The closer you are to the altar, the more you will remember to speak with Jesus in daily prayer; the more you will be nourished by the word and the body of the Lord, the better able you will be to go out to others, bringing them the gift that you have received, giving in turn with enthusiasm the joy you have received.

The Altar Server assists the priest and deacon at the Mass, offering the responses to the prayers and dialogues, and participate in the singing and chants of the liturgy.  They carry such responsibilities as

  • Lead all required processions for the Mass.
  • Provide service by assisting the Priest/Deacon with their duties during Mass.
  • Providing an example to the congregation on appropriate actions during the Mass.
  • Prepare and retire any material needed for the appropriate service
  • Assume an appropriate attitude of prayer

For information regarding service to the Church as an Altar Server or scheduling, please contact:
Kathleen Ott

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Music Ministry

St. Francis de Sales Music Ministry enhances the experience of worship by heightening the Word of God with music and to provide beauty to the liturgy through music. Through strong musical leadership, music ministers strive to enable the song of the assembly to encourage full, active and conscious participation.  Cantors, Choirs and Instrumentalists also minister to the assembly by providing music which allows and encourages spiritual reflection.

Children’s Choir

Children’s Choir is open to all children in grades 3 to 8.   Rehearsals are Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 7:25 pm. The Children’s Choir sings for Mass on a monthly basis, usually at the Saturday, 5:15 pm Mass.

Youth Music Group

The Youth Music Group is open to 8th graders, High School age and Young Adults, both singers and instrumentalists. The group will sing  on the first and third Sunday of the month at the 12 noon Mass beginning in October.


Cantors are experienced singers who lead the assembly at Mass when there is no choir.  They are required to know extensive repertoire and to learn new music quickly. Cantors are required to also be choir members.

For information regarding service to the Church via Music Ministry please contact:

Colleen McVicker

Lectors (Readers)

Lectors proclaim God’s word at each liturgy when they read Scripture from the Old and New Testaments. Lectors also read Sunday announcements and lead the congregation during the prayers of the faithful. Besides the weekend liturgies, lectors are also scheduled for seasonal and holy day liturgies, daily liturgies and other faith-related liturgies.

Qualities of a Good Lector

  • Knowledge, appreciation and love for the Scriptures
  • The maturity and ability to proclaim the scriptures with poise and confidence
  • An understanding of the role of scripture in daily life, the Liturgy, the Sacraments, and the Liturgical Seasons
  • Good public speaking skills
  • Ability to convey warmth, to gain and keep the assembly’s attention, and to motivate others through speech
  • A commitment to live the message of the Scriptures that are proclaimed.

For information regarding service to the Church as a Lector or scheduling, please contact:
Kathleen Ott

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Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

The opportunity to receive Christ in both Body and Blood strengthens the bond we have with Jesus.  The Eucharist is the source and center of our spiritual life. The Extraordinary Ministry of the Eucharist was formed to assist the celebrant, other priests and deacons with the distribution of communion.  Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist also assist in bringing the Eucharist to our infirm as well as area nursing and group homes. Any confirmed Catholic parishioner 16 years or older, having a strong and active faith, and willing to commit to regular service, is welcome to serve.

Qualities of an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion are:

  • An appreciation and love of the Eucharist
  • Ability to serve at scheduled masses or arrange for a substitute if unable to fulfill an assignment
  • At least 16 years old

.For information regarding service to the Church as an extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion or scheduling, please contact:
Kathleen Ott

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