“Baptized into Christ”

The water and the words of baptism (words that Jesus Christ gave to His disciples) effect a spiritual and real transition of the baptized. The Church claims them as Her own. They become “another Christ,” hence the term “Christian.”

Through baptism, we become adopted children of God the Father, in and through Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit. In St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans he states: “For you did not receive a spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you received a spirit of adoption, through which we cry, ‘Abba, Father’” (Romans 8:15)!

Baptism grafts us into the Trinity through Jesus Christ. His forgiveness claims us. Although discipleship lasts a lifetime, Baptism initiates that discipleship and opens the way to all the Sacraments of the Church of Jesus Christ.

Thousands of years before Jesus Christ’s incarnation in the flesh (John 1:14), Isaiah relates this prophecy from the LORD about the promise of the New Zion: “No more shall you be called, ‘Forsaken,’ […] But you shall be called ‘My Delight is in her, […] For the LORD delights in you” (Isaiah 62:4).

Through Baptism in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, this prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled in the baptized. In Baptism, we are renewed! In Baptism, we become chosen, called, and adopted children of God the Father! This is an awesome dignity and cause for a lifelong unpacking of the mystery of Christian discipleship.

“For Adults Not Yet Baptized”

If you desire to unite yourself with Jesus Christ, become an adopted child of God the Father, and a temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 3:16) as an adult, please contact Kathleen Ott through our parish office. Your journey of faith is precious in God’s eyes and the Church of Christ awaits you.

“For Those Seeking to Baptize their Child(ren)”

Because you love your children, you desire to share with them the gift of faith and discipleship of Jesus Christ in the Church He founded to bring forth the Kingdom of God. This is an opportunity not simply to have your child(ren) baptized, but to renew the commitment to Jesus Christ and His Church.

Because this moment is so special, we ask that you please contact the parish office of St. Francis de Sales to register your child(ren) for baptism:  1 (330) 644-2225. If this is your first child baptized from St. Francis de Sales, we ask that at least one parent attends a Baptism Class lead by Deacon Ray Herrick with his wife Kathy Herrick.

Children baptisms typically take place the third Sunday of each month with the Baptism Class taking place the Wednesday before at 6:30PM in the parish rectory.