Parish Council

Parish Pastoral Ccouncil helps with the communication and organization of all the different ministries and activities within the parish. They also take a very active role in growing community through planning many parish life activities.


Communications Commission

This commission...

Parish Life Commission


This commission is one of the largest commissions for PPC and typically handles all of the parish activities centered around fellowship, welcoming new parishioners, donut Sundays, Sundae Sundays, parish picnic and various receptions and events as needed.


Evangelization Commission

This commission plans, promotes, and presents faith-building programs for parishioners, inactive Catholics and non-Catholics, to bring them closer to Christ and build a more vibrant parish. This commission is focused on yes, evangelization.  Adult faith formation, guest speakers, retreats, books for the parish, and much more.

Education – Parish School & PSR Commission

This commission...


Liturgy Commission

Liturgy Committee, Music Ministry, and Art and Environment work together to form the Liturgy Committee.  The primary focus is to inspire and initiate programs to allow for full, conscious, and active participation during liturgical celebrations by the members of our parish family.  Liturgy Commission members assist as needed with the selection of liturgical music, seasonal and special occasion decorating and any other needs relative to the celebration of the liturgy.

Social Action Commission

This is one of our newest commissions (now in-line with the diocese commission structure) and it is becoming one of our largest as well!  Activities include anything centered around helping those that don’t have a voice and helping the needy and charities the parish is involved in.  The bereavement ministry has a direct line to this commission as well.

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