"For they preach but they do not practice..."

"For they preach but they do not practice..."

Posted on : November 3, 2023

Jesus is speaking to the crowds and His disciples.  He is challenging them to not be like the scribes and pharisees—that it is not enough to merely talk about the faith.  Each of us is called to live the faith.  I like that the word practice is used.  What does the word practice mean, but to “carry out” an action or an application of a belief or an idea?  Living the faith takes a lot of practice.  It takes a lot of failing.  It takes a lot of falling and getting back up again so that we can become the saints God is calling us to be.  Keep practicing the faith!  Don’t lose hope!

Issue 1.  This is a great time to practice what you preach.  Please go out and vote NO on Issue 1.  Our Bishop is calling us to live our faith well.  Protect the dignity of human life and stop the destruction of children in the womb; protect the rights of parents to talk to their children whom might be considering an abortion or having medical procedures performed on themselves to match what they think their sex should be.  Don’t listen to the lies by proponents of Issue 1 saying that the passage of Issue 1 would deny the treatment of women who have miscarried.  Pray that God’s will be done, thank you!

Angel Scholarship Fund.  Just a friendly reminder and plea to take advantage of the State of Ohio’s offering to let us control where our state tax dollars go.  Please go to the Catholic Community website at https://www.catholiccommunity.org/ways-to-give/donate/angel-scholarship-fund and make a contribution to St. Francis de Sales School.  It is no cost to you and if enough families respond to this great opportunity, we can make Catholic Education free for all.  Thank you so much for looking into this.  If you have any questions, please call the office 330-644-2225.

Healing Hope.  Lastly, I want to say WOW and thank you for your prayers!  A couple of weeks ago, we prayed for Hope Knight and asked our good and loving God to heal her from her lifelong ailments.  It was amazing that the whole church stayed after Mass to pray for her.  The support was overwhelming and truly showed the loving reality of what our St. Francis de Sales community is all about—loving one another.  Continue to pray for Hope and all in need of healing—Come Lord Jesus!

Thank you for living Christ’s love in the world,
Fr. Jeremy

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