We're All Saints in Training!

We're All Saints in Training!

Posted on : June 9, 2024

This is the last weekend to sign up for Vacation Bible School – June 17-21 from 9:15-12:30 (Monday-Friday).  Please consider signing your children and grandchildren up for this spectacular week.  I still have fond memories of my VBS time as a kid, learning about the faith and having fun at the same time!

Recently, I was asked who my favorite saints were.  I immediately responded with St. Francis, St. John Vianney, St. Ignatius… And then I mentioned…St. Camillus de Lellis.  Who is this you may ask?  Let me share:

Camillus was born during 1550 in Naples in present-day Italy. His mother died during his infancy, and he lost his father, a former army officer, six years later. The young man took after his late father professionally, serving in the armies of Venice and Naples until 1574. During his military service Camillus developed a severe gambling problem. He repented of the habit in 1575, when he found himself impoverished and forced to do menial work for a group of Franciscans. In February of that year, he resolved to change his life and soon sought to join the order.

A wound in one of his legs, however, was seen as incurable and kept him from becoming a Franciscan. After this rejection, he traveled to Rome and worked for four years in a hospice. Committed to a life of prayer and penance, he wore a hair shirt and received spiritual direction from St. Philip Neri.

Grieved by the quality of service given to the sick, Camillus decided to form an association of Catholics who would provide them with both physical and spiritual care. He studied for the priesthood, and was ordained in 1584.

Members of his order worked in hospitals, prisons, and in the homes of those afflicted by disease. The order's original name, the “Fathers of a Good Death,” reflected the desire to aid in their spiritual salvation and prepare the dying to receive their last rites (from Catholic News Agency). 

I love how God used everything—even his life of sin—to bring him back to Himself and put him on the right path.  The same is true for us.  God uses everything in our life so that we can get on the path to know Him, love Him and serve Him.

Special Thanks!  A big thank you to Dennis Ott and Louie Obreza who worked tirelessly in the month of May while the church was being renovated.  Henninger’s installed the kneelers this week.  With the refinished pews, new carpet, and new kneelers, the church looks almost brand new!  Praise God!  I am also happy to mention that because of the remodeling, we were able to move pews around to accommodate wheelchair accessibility and to enable those persons in wheelchairs to sit with their families.  Again, praise God!

Have a blessed week,
Fr. Jeremy

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