Will you bring Jesus to others in need?

Will you bring Jesus to others in need?

Posted on : July 5, 2024

“I call forward those bringing communion to the homebound…I send you forth to bring Christ to those in need.”  You have most likely witnessed this at the end of Mass following the Prayer after Communion.  I call those Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion forward and send them forth.  It is beautiful to witness Jesus literally being sent out to nourish the world.  As we approach the National Eucharistic Congress in Indianapolis from July 17 to 21, take a moment and visit their website at eucharisticcongress.org.  Each day has a focus and a theme.  On the last day, July 21, the theme is “To the Ends of the Earth.”  Under the theme, this is written “Pope Francis said the Eucharist is ‘a summons to go forth, as missionaries, to bring the message of the Father’s tenderness, forgiveness and mercy to every man, woman and child.’ Throughout the history of the Church, the Holy Spirit has empowered the Church to go to the ends of the earth to share the good news.  On this last day of the Congress, we will be commissioned to go out into the world as missionary disciples as we enter the third year of the National Eucharistic Revival: the Year of Mission.”

As I ponder the many different ways we can live this out, one major, very real way is by bringing Communion to the homebound, whether in homes, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.  While the Diocese of Cleveland instructs all pastors that “each person is to be chosen by name” and “a general call for volunteers to serve in this ministry is not to be carried out,” I am inviting those reading this to prayerfully discern if God is calling you to be the one who brings the Eucharistic Lord to others.  If you feel God calling you to do this, please call the parish office.  I would be happy to ‘choose you by name’ if God is calling you by name to carry out this holy mission.  We need you.

The gospel this weekend states that “He was amazed at their lack of faith.”  In 2019, the Pew Research Center found that only 1/3 of Catholics believe in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. A more recent study, 5 years later, states that 69% of Catholics believe in the real presence of Jesus.  While we should not take all these studies to heart, this increase in faith is a reason to rejoice!  As more followers of Jesus open up their hearts to the Eucharistic Lord, the hunger for the Eucharist will grow.  Are you willing to respond to that hunger and bring Jesus to those in need?

God bless your love for Jesus,
Fr. Jeremy

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