Rejoicing in God's Plan

Rejoicing in God's Plan

Posted on : July 14, 2023

This week, Fr. Jeremy is sharing his column with Therese Holderbaum, our Parish Secretary:

When you open your heart to the Lord, there is no telling where He might take you. When I went on my first silent retreat over 13 years ago, the Lord planted in my soul a longing for a deeper union with Him. Not knowing how long I might be there, I remember taking my pillow and blanket into the chapel in the middle of the night to pray. I spent several hours there. I didn’t hear any voices, but left at peace, having surrendered control of my life and possessions to Jesus. Over time, He revealed to me some of His plan for my life.  

It started with learning about my Guardian Angel and all the Holy Angels, eventually making formal consecrations to them, which are basically covenant bonds, so they may lead me more effectively to God and use me to help them lead others to Him. Several years later, I was asked by one of the Priests in the Order of the Canons Regular of the Holy Cross to give talks on the Holy Angels and facilitate discussion groups for others desiring to make that covenant bond with their Guardian Angel and all the Holy Angels. As my love and knowledge for the Holy Angels grew, I learned of the Handmaids, a group of lay women who live the spirituality of the Sisters of the Holy Cross. A handmaid is called to a life of total self-giving to God. According to the work of the Holy Angels, she participates in the graces and the mission of the Sisters, in imitation of the Blessed Mother, especially at the foot of the Cross.  

After nearly four years of formation, I made a perpetual promise in the Community of the Handmaids with the Sisters of the Holy Cross this past week.  That promise is my commitment to striving to live my life much like the Blessed Mother, in humble hidden service, with joy in my heart, extending God’s love to others. This way of living is something I will do alongside my vocation as wife and mother. That vocation always comes first, and living this promise helps me do it better than I did previously. It also means I’m committed to supporting the priesthood, which aligns very well with my job in the Parish Office. Thank you in advance for your prayers, as God continues to reveal the mission He has in mind for me, and I strive always to say yes to Him. 

Humbly yours,
Therese Holderbaum

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