A Note of Gratitude

A Note of Gratitude

Posted on : June 30, 2023

“St. Bernard, to apostles: “If you are wise, you will be reservoirs and not channels.” The channels let the water flow away, and do not retain a drop. But the reservoir is first filled, and then, without emptying itself, pours out its overflow, which is ever renewed, over the fields which it waters.”
The Soul of the Apostolate
Dom Jean-Baptiste Chautard

Sitting down to pray before writing this I recalled Dom Chautard’s quote. You have each helped me in so many ways to fill my reservoir and to keep it filled. Your examples of steadfast faith, love of God and of our universal Catholic Church have helped me to encounter God’s love through your eyes and your hearts. This is truly a priceless gift that I will treasure always.

Please pray for me as I end my chapter at St. Francis de Sales, my spiritual and work home for so many years; may I always be a reservoir, ever renewed and never running dry, filled by His love and grace. I hold you each in my heart.

All my love and prayer,

Kathleen Ott

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