2020 Lenten Parish Mission

Parish Mission:  “Living the Gospel of Power”
with Fr. Jacob Bearer

Peace be with you all!

Please join me for a series of talks beginning tomorrow, April 2nd, at 7:00PM that will be live-streamed through the St. Francis de Sales Parish YouTube account.

Even in this time of uncertainty we have an opportunity to delve deeply into God’s Word. This parish mission will draw us into the life Jesus’ lived and we will see how we can live his life today. Below is the schedule for those mission nights with a brief description:

Each live-streamed talk will begin at 7:00PM

Everyone is invited to join this parish mission. Let your family members and friends know about this opportunity to be built up in faith even during our “sheltering in place.” Join me in praying for a renewed outpouring of the Spirit and faith through these talks. When the time comes for us to gather together again around the altar in person, my hope is that we will do so with God’s Spirit brimming over within us in his power, love, and renewal.

God bless you all and see you soon!
Fr. Bearer

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The Live Stream Videos below will begin at 7:00PM each evening and will remain available here throughout the Lenten season.

Thursday, April 2nd: The Real Jesus

So many people have taught us about Jesus, but what do the Scriptures say about Jesus?  Who is Jesus, really? In this talk, we will come away with a renewed sense of the majesty of Jesus and believing in the Jesus revealed to us in the Scriptures.

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Friday, April 3rd: The Spirit’s Power

For so many people the power of the Holy Spirit is something reserved for the special people or the saints. But did you know that God calls each and everyone of us to move in the power of the Holy Spirit? This talk will focus on our authority in Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit’s love that does mighty deeds through everyone who believes.

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Saturday, April 4th: Praying with Others

There are so many opportunities that we have to pray with people. But, where do we begin? Can everyone really pray for healing and really expect to see miracles? In this talk I will get very practical and offer helpful tips about how to go about praying with other people. We may be socially distant now, but we can always be ready to pray with others when the opportunity arises.

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Sunday, April 5th: Faith, God’s Word, and Prayer

(Adoration of Blessed Sacrament)

In this live-stream we will have time before the Blessed Sacrament for spiritual communion with Jesus Christ. We will offer a time of reflection on the meaning of faith, God’s Word, and prayer. We will conclude with prayers with which you can pray along during that time of adoration.

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Listen to the four presentation recordings

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