This is my beloved Son. Listen to him.

On the mountain, Peter, James and John encounter the transfigured Jesus. After they witness Jesus’ transfiguration, God speaks to them these words. God the Father reveals who Jesus is: His beloved Son. And what are they called to do? Simply listen to Him. Listening is not so simple is it? In Luke’s account of the Transfiguration, it says that after Jesus was revealed to them “they fell silent.” At the heart of listening is silence. Silence gives us the ability to listen and be open to others and ultimately deepen relationships.

During Lent here at St. Francis we are focusing on the life of St. Joseph, who is known for his silence in humbly walking with and serving Mary and Jesus. With our Lenten Mission beginning this Sunday, we are also focusing on Mary, who was silent as she listened to St. Gabriel who invited her to bring Jesus into the world. Silence was so important in their lives, as it allowed them to listen to God’s will and respond accordingly.

In Catholic Church news, Cardinal Robert Sarah, Head of the Vatican Liturgy Department, recently retired. I mention him because he has written extensively on the importance of silence in our lives in the book called “The Power of Silence: Against the Dictatorship of Noise.” There are many moving passages in the book. In light of this, I thought I would share a few quotes to help you on your Lenten journey:

“Our world no longer hears God because it is constantly speaking, at a devastating speed and volume, in order to say nothing. Modern civilization does not know how to be quiet…”

“Christ lived for thirty years in silence. Then, during his public life, he withdrew to the desert to listen to and speak with his Father. The world vitally needs those who go off into the desert. Because God speaks in silence…”

“Through silence, we return to our heavenly origin, where there is nothing but calm, peace, repose, silent contemplation, and adoration of the radiant face of God.”

Are you thirsting for calm and peace in your lives? God the Father invites us to spend time to listen to Him. How will you respond to this invitation this week?

May God’s peace and joy be with you,

Fr. Jeremy

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