I cannot not come to you Jesus.

For twenty years, every day, St. Francis, St. Bernard’s, St. Vincent, St.Paul’s North Canton, St. Francis Medina, St. Michael Archangel in Canton, St. John’s In Cleveland . . .

Wherever Court was, wherever I was, through all the trials, through all the difficulties, through all the joys and all the pains, through the births and through the deaths . . . Every day with you, The Great Constant, The One Unmovable, The One Unchangeable, The One always there, even and especially when I struggled to connect. So many days when I said “I can’t” and you answered “We can”!

And now I say “I cannot not come to you, Jesus in the Eucharist”.

I am 70, feel fit as 50, blessed with good health. I believe I am among the ones we are trying to protect since my age puts me in the segment not more vulnerable to the virus, but more likely to suffer greater consequence.

If I say I will come just once a week, why not just every day?

I cannot not come to You, Jesus in the Eucharist…

So much love and respect to our Priests for your loving leadership of our beautiful Parish Family.  Here we go…Into the desert. I know He’s with me everyday – maybe now more than ever! Still, there is an emptiness…

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