What is Exodus 90?

What is Exodus 90?

Posted on : October 13, 2022


Did you know that the Exodus Tailgate Tour is going to stop by St. Francis de Sales parish on Wednesday, October 26 @ 6:00pm?  This is a free event for men that will include a cookout, beer, drinks and an inspiring talk given by Nathaniel Binversie, an author, speaker and content coordinator of Exodus 90.

But what is Exodus 90 in the first place?

Exodus 90 is a ninety-day spiritual exercise for men based on three pillars: prayer, asceticism, and fraternity.  These ways will help you grow in your ability to hear God speaking and help you to live out the spiritual headship our Lord is calling men to live out.

When you visit their website: Exodus 90.com, a series of questions comes up.  Are you tired of wasting time on your phone?  Are tired of doom-scrolling?  Are you tired of over-eating?  Are you tired of staring at your screen?  Are you tire of over-drinking? Are you tired of binge-watching shows?

Are you tired of any of these things?  Do you feel possessed by any of these activities in your life?  Do you struggle with addiction?  Do you want to be set free?   

Exodus 90 maintains that “Tens of thousands of men have made an Exodus because they’re ready to live different.  They want to grow closer to God, to their spouse, their children, and their friends.  And to become a more selfless man, living for others and not for himself.”

If this is what you desire, then come to the Memorare Center Terrace on October 26 and be strengthened by the Lord.  For “our help is from the Lord, who made heaven and earth (Ps 121).”

Are you willing to receive the help the Lord wants to offer you?

See you there,

Fr. Jeremy


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