Turn to the Lord in Your Need, and You Will Live

Turn to the Lord in Your Need, and You Will Live

Posted on : July 7, 2022

I imagine by now if you have driven on our campus, you might have noticed the new and improved Stations of the Cross.  These stations are the original stations that have been cleaned, repainted, relocated and inserted into brand new metal holders for our prayerful use for years to come.  I want to thank John Sveda for the time he spent creating the metal design and for actually making 14 station holders as well as painting them and installing them with his wife, JoAnn.  They are so beautiful.  I also want to thank Dennis Ott and his summer crew for installing the metal posts and the gravel along the path.  A special thank you to WagRich Construction for pouring the concrete path and excavating for stone beside it.  Here is a picture of one of the stations below, but please stop by sometime soon to pray the stations and check out the beauty of the artwork as well.

I will let you know when we plan to bless them formally.  In the meantime, remember the Psalm: “Turn to the Lord in your need, and you will live.”  We need to take time to turn to the Lord with our needs and desires and longings and let Him minister to us.  The Stations of the Cross is a beautiful way to turn to Him in our need.  Here are some beautiful words to ponder from Thomas A. Kempis on the power of the Cross, especially before you pray with the stations:

“In the Cross is salvation; in the Cross is life; in the Cross is protection against our enemies; in the Cross is infusion of heavenly sweetness; in the Cross is strength of mind; in the Cross is joy of spirit; in the Cross is excellence of virtue; in the Cross is perfection of holiness. There is no salvation of soul, nor hope of eternal life, save in the Cross.”

If you long for salvation, life, protection, heavenly sweetness, strength, joy, virtue and perfection, come to Jesus, come to the Cross.

Stop by and enjoy your prayer time this week,

Fr. Jeremy

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