Spending Time by the Water

Spending Time by the Water

Posted on : July 15, 2022

This past week, I had the joy of going on vacation with my family down to South Carolina.  It is amazing how little you can see your family even if they live close by.  That is why these moments are so important no matter where you go.  To truly live with and spend time with family is a gift.  One of my favorite things to do is spend time on the beach while looking at the endless shoreline, listening to the crashing waves and floating in the water (not to mention the annual sunburn, haha).  Pondering life on the water fosters a great encounter with the vast nature of God.  When I look in my life, I can honestly say spending time next to the water in prayer has helped in my discernment of what God wants me to do in life.  That’s one reason why I am so grateful that we live in the lake environment that fosters peaceful encounters with God and nature.

In the gospel this Sunday, Jesus spends time with His friends, Martha and Mary.  He points out how Mary did the better part: simply spending time with Him, sitting beside Him at his feet, listening to him speak.  He cautions Martha about being anxious and worried about many things.  While we need to get things accomplished in life, we have to take the words of Jesus to heart:  spending time with Jesus and listening to him speak is the better way to go.  I invite you to take advantage of the summer weather this week and go to a beautiful spot on the lakes and listen to him speak.  He always has something to say.

Speaking of prayer beside the water, don’t forget to come to the Mass on the Water at the Tudor House on Sunday July 31 @ 1:00pm.  We are set up for 175 under the tent with tables and chairs.  If we use all those, there is abundant grass to sit on if you want to bring a blanket or chairs.  Please bring lunch and we can spend time with one another after Mass.  Also, in a special way, we are inviting all those who have baptized a child in the last year to come to the 1:00 pm Mass and meet other families who are in the same boat.  Come celebrate the waters of baptism that make the Christian life possible for us all!

God bless you all, 

Fr. Jeremy 

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