Jesus Responded. Will You?

Jesus Responded. Will You?

Posted on : October 8, 2022

Jesus said in reply,  "Ten were cleansed, were they not?  Where are the other nine? Has none but this foreigner returned to give thanks to God?" 

This Sunday’s gospel is proclaimed on Thanksgiving Day.  I consider it the Thanksgiving gospel.  Jesus is challenging those who experienced cleansing and healing to turn to God and offer thanksgiving for what God has done for them.  As Jesus was traveling, lepers called out to Him and asked for help:  “Have pity on us!”  And He responds and heals them.

All throughout the gospels, Jesus responds.  So many people call out to Jesus for so many reasons and he reaches out and brings about healing, freedom and peace.

On Thursday, October 13 @ 6:30pm.  We will offer the Blue Mass for all First Responders.  This includes firefighters, law enforcement officers, paramedics, EMT’s, any employee or volunteer who in the course of their professional duties responds to fire, medical, hazardous material, etc. emergencies.  We will offer this Mass in Thanksgiving for their response.  Their response not only to serve but to put themselves in harm’s way to help keep people safe and healthy.  In a real way, by being first responders, they are living the life Jesus lived.  Responding to the numerous people who call out in need.  Thank you for that!

For us this week….who in your life is calling out to you for help?  Are you ignoring this call?  Or do you respond as Jesus responded, with love?

Here is a message from Fr. David about a teaching on the Mass he is offering…..

The Mass Explained - The Liturgy of the Word - You are invited to join Fr. David and those in our RCIA ministry as we explore the meaning behind the different elements of the Liturgy of the Word. The Scriptures we hear each week are OUR story, the story of salvation. In the Liturgy of the Word God speaks to us. How well are we able to listen? In this evening we will answer questions such as: how do we know which readings to proclaim? Why were they chosen? What’s behind the order in which they are proclaimed? Why do we have homilies? These and many others will be answered when we meet in the church at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, October 18th.

Come and give time for Jesus in His Word,

Fr. Jeremy

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