God Chooses the Weak…

God Chooses the Weak…

Posted on : January 27, 2023

In the second reading today, Saint Paul calls us to consider our calling, that while not many of us were wise by human standards, or powerful, or of noble birth, God chose the foolish of the world to shame the wise.  God chose the weak of the world to shame the strong.  Why does God choose the weak?

This question takes me back to my own time in seminary.  I remember praying and struggling with a big paper that was due and thinking to myself…Why Lord? Why do I have to do this?  I’m not good at writing papers.  I’m good at math. I’m good at engineering.  I’m good at everything but writing papers. Why did you do this to me?  And I remember receiving an answer deep within my heart.  The Lord was speaking to my heart—that whatever I call you to in life, I want you to depend on me.  I want you to rely on me.

Before seminary I was pretty confident in myself, but seminary called me to a different set of studies that finally made me start relying on God in a deeper way.

And truly, when do we start relying on God?  When we are weak and actually need God.  Are you struggling in your vocation today?  It might be right where God wants you.  Because in that place of struggle, you actually might need God and reach out to Him.  God will respond and help you, for with God all things are possible.

I entered into this reality in a new way as last week I tested positive for Covid for the first time.  My days in isolation for 5 days weren’t too fun at first, but after a couple days, I wondered how I should spend my time.  One of my sisters suggested watching The Chosen.  So, I did.  I watched the first 2 seasons.  It was amazing.  He really did choose the weak and foolish to lead and guide.  It was very hopeful for me!  I encourage all of you to take time to watch that series.  It has been powerful for my spiritual growth and will be for yours too!

This past week, we celebrated the Feast of St. Francis de Sales.  If you haven’t checked out Pope Francis’s writings on him yet, check out Totum Amoris Est: Everything Pertains to Love.  Read and pray with it—they are really inspiring words.

This week, we celebrate Catholic Schools Week.  When you ask the day school students what their favorite week at the school is, you will most likely hear—Catholic Schools Week!  What a gift it is to celebrate our faith and the fact that we have a place to come and learn how connected Christ is to everything that we do.  Thank you for supporting that mission.  Please pray for all of our administrators, teachers, students, parents, grandparents, cooks, maintenance staff, recess monitors, volunteers and all who make the school possible.  Thank you.  God bless you all.

Make it a great week,

Fr. Jeremy

Ps. Last Tuesday not only marked our patron’s feast day, but the 1-year anniversary of my being the pastor.  I bring it up because I want to share the immense privilege it has been to walk in this challenging and awesome responsibility of shepherding His people.  God chose the weak for you and I am grateful!  Keep the prayers coming! Thank you!

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