Blessed the People the Lord has Chosen to be His Own…

Blessed the People the Lord has Chosen to be His Own…

Posted on : August 3, 2022

This past Monday, I made the joyful sacrifice of golfing in the Borromeo Seminary Golf Outing (someone has to do it 😊).  It was a wonderful day to golf with my priest brothers and to spend time with individuals who desire to support our diocesan seminary.  It gives me hope that people believe in the Catholic Church as well as the Priesthood.  I golfed with the Assistant Vocation Director, Fr. Eric Garris; my classmate Fr. Jeff Barnish, who is studying Moral Theology in Rome; as well as Fr. Kevin Klonowski, Parochial Vicar of St. Joseph Strongsville.  Just in our golf group, you can see the broad ways priests get to serve in the Diocese of Cleveland.  I give them credit for how they have responded to God’s call in their lives.  This is what we pray and reflect in the psalm this weekend, how the Lord has chosen people to serve and to be his own.

Speaking of being chosen, this past week the Diocese of Cleveland celebrates the fact that Fr. Michael Woost has been chosen to be our Auxiliary Bishop.  Check it out online on our diocese website.  We give thanks to God that He has called Bishop Woost to serve in our diocese and we give thanks ahead of time for all the good work he will do in our diocese.  Congratulations Bishop Woost!

If you didn’t realize it, we are in the month of August!  It’s hard to believe.  When you hear the word August, what comes to mind?  For me, it means school is ramping up, programs are re-engaging and fall is nearby!  It also means that summer vacations are wrapping up and the summerly time of leisure is coming to an end.  Before it does, I invite you to take advantage of the time we still have before school starts to rest, recreate and ask God to give you what you need for the year ahead.  Last week, our staff did just that.  We took a moment to have a “Fun Day.”  We painted some pottery and went out to lunch.  It is good to take a break from the daily grind to spend time with others and focus on nothing other than friendship, laughter and fun.  Check out our fancy artwork, haha!

As you take that moment to rest, perhaps pray with this stanza from Psalm 33: “Our soul waits for the LORD, who is our help and our shield. May your kindness, O LORD, be upon us who have put our hope in you.”  Let the Lord help you.  Be open and receive the kindness the Lord wants to share with you as your friend.  Take a breather.  It’s worth it.

May God’s peace be with you,

Fr. Jeremy

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