God Bless You and Your Goodness and Generosity

God Bless You and Your Goodness and Generosity

Posted on : November 11, 2022

Beloved parishioners of St. Francis de Sales,

Thank you and I love you. As I write this, know of my thanks and love for you. Because of you, we have a parish. Because of you, we can do the things we do here at St. Francis de Sales. You make up the Mystical Body of Christ that cares and has compassion on the church community, the Portage Lakes community and the world. For that, I say, thank you and I love you.

The other day, I was sitting with my dad after we had worked a little on the shack we are building in the woods. I was reflecting on what we needed to build it. I said, "All we need is a vision, resources...." and my dad mentioned..."and a dad."I was reflecting on this and I realized how true this is within the life of the Church. We need a vision, resources and a heavenly Father in order to build God's Kingdom. The vision is offered to us in and through the life of Christ. The resources are offered to us in and through your goodness and generosity. The heavenly Father receives all of this and blesses it, helping us to build His Kingdom on earth. What a gift it is to partake in this divine action in the world. Thank you for making it possible.

God Bless you and your goodness and generosity,
Fr. Jeremy



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