Pastor’s Message – September 8, 2019

Ever wonder why a certain person is even born? This weekend is such a reminder of the purpose of the birth of a child. Happy Birthday Mother Mary! Yes, that’s right it is Our Lady’s Birthday. One tender baby girl born in the arms of her parents, who had no idea what their own flesh and blood would do to affect all of eternity. Doesn’t every parent who welcomes their child into the world feel the same wonder? Mary of Nazareth’s birth would be like most children. She would have to learn to crawl and walk so she could one day run to hold Her Son from the manger to Cross. The only little girl of Anna and Joachim would have to learn to form her words as most children. But she did all so she could babble her first word, “Abba,” just to one day proclaim The Father’s Word made Flesh and speak the most important word of her/our life, “Yes.” She was the first to realize the fullness of grace and the first to live the way of His perfect love. St. Augustine put it well when he said: “To fall in love with God is the greatest romance; to seek him the greatest adventure; to find him, the greatest human achievement." Why were you even born? Really? We were created in the image of God so we might know the greatest adventure and achievement of life...Love.

   Speaking of Anna and Joachim, long before President Jimmy Carter made it a national holiday in 1978 to connect the generations, our Judeo-Christian faith always taught us the importance of remembering from where we come and whose we are. Have a day of prayer for all of our living and deceased Grandmas and Grandpas (sorry no such day for the made-up slang known as “grandfriends”). Send them a real handwritten card, call them or visit them at their home or where they are buried...just remember them to The Father!

   Are you ready? Did you leave room on your calendar? I hope so because we are looking forward to you being a part of our Annual Parish Picnic today from 12:00-4:00 p.m. Join me for food, fun and thanking God for this awesome parish family.   Pax, Fr. Bline

(Also pray for others who celebrate this feast week: Dave Long, Mr. & Mrs. Ray Kapper, Mr. & Mrs. Roger Forte, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pickens, Betty Jo Neptune, Tom Zembar, Grandma Mary Luxeder, John Eberhardt, Jacqueline D’A, and Anna Fana on her 80th on St. Kieran’s Day)

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