Pastor's Message November 25, 2018


I must admit, I do get into some geekfan-based television, like Doctor Who (guiltless pleasure). All across the Doctor Who TV series, The Doctor reminds his companions that there are "fixed points in time.” These are events, or people, that are so essential to history that interfering with them during time travel could tear the fabric of reality apart. Ok, I realize most of you do not have any idea what I’m talking about... but, I think you do (not in a sci-fi mentality, but in our lives of faith). Haven’t you noticed that there are moments in our faith lives that seem to be the beginning and end of all things (babies and Baptisms, The Most Holy Sacrifice of The Mass, covenantal bonds like marriage and Priesthood). The next few weeks happens to be one of those times, with the end of the Church year happening this week with Jesus Christ King and Lord of the Universe (feast of Christ the King) and the beginning of Advent. It’s all about the end of the world as we know it and the promise that Christ will come again. In some ways, our past year of celebrations for our 70th Jubilee has shown us just where we fit into this concept of time. So, I must personally praise God for the gift of our Parish Pastoral Council and especially our Bloomers (the committee of 4 who developed an outstanding calendar of events for us: Jeffrey Koncz, Terri Bachtel, Jacqui Clark, Daryl Quentin). Do you realize how God blessed us? The building of our 70th Jubilee Bell Tower in memory of St. George Parish, Weekly Bulletin Articles (on our History and Founding Families, Parish Vocations, Past Priests and Nuns), a new Parish Mark/Logo by Brianna McVicker, the soon-to-be-released Parish PhotoDirectory (thank you Susie Naragon, Joy Kopcha, Michele Steurer, Denise Enright), Mrs. Colleen McVicker’s original lyrics for our 70th Anniversary Commemoration Song, St. Francis de Sales prayer card and Tiny Saints key fobs, past Priests who came to celebrate Mass, the first 5K Marathon, St. Jane Ice Cream & Crepe Social, 70th Coffee Mugs – car stickers – Mass journal books with engraved pens, 70th Anniversary Billboards on Manchester Road, the archiving of special historical documents, a Paul Adamson Poem about the three pastors – in calligraphy, 70th Themed Euchre Tournament, Dinner and a Movie (250 donated theatre tickets for St. Paul the Apostle movie and a family dinner at Menches), St. Francis de Sales Meditations via Fr. Burns’ Lift Up Your Heart Study Group (largest ever fall book study), Chili Cook Off, not 40 but ”80” hours of Eucharistic Devotions, last week’s Parish Mission with Fr. Emmanuel and Br. Kolbe Blashock, AND THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF OUR FUTURE MEMORARE name a few. This all happened through your participation and desire to celebrate the Sacramental Life of the Church here for over 70 years (and through the great generosity of some loving benefactors). Praise Jesus! Next week begins Advent, please check the schedule of Compline prayer and Confession opportunities that will be published in the bulletin next week.
O Come Emmanuel!
Pax, Fr. Bline

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