Pastor’s Message – May 12, 2019

This coming Saturday (18th) diocesan priests will have a few extra mothers to celebrate. You see, since Jesus lovingly gave His Mother to the Church, so too does a Priest share his mother with all Priests. As soon as our seminarian David becomes Fr. David Alexander Michael Francis Pio Stavarz, his mother, Jean, will become another mother of all Priests along with Mother Mary, my Mom and so many others. Today offer a prayer for all parents to be open to leading their children in serving the Church through their given vocation. With the ordination of Fr. Stavarz finally here this weekend, it reminds all of us how beautifully our parish has always been a source of faithful discipleship for our diocese. Many thanks to the countless number who have prayed and provided for David’s spiritual formation. From being a graduate of our parish school to Scouts, Youth and Music Ministry, Altar serving, Vacation Bible School, Eucharistic Ministry and everyday parish life, David is truly a born and bred St. Francis de Sales parishioner. Alleluia! Don’t forget he will be joining his parents and brothers to offer his Mass of Thanksgiving here on May 19th at the 11am Mass. You can see Fr. Stavarz following the Mass in the gym where he will be offering a newly-ordained blessing.

     I asked my Mom what she thinks a mother is:

Webster defines the word ‘mother’ simply as a female parent. Computers refer to the main circuit as a motherboard. I think many of us might prefer Hallmark’s definitions. My memories of Mother’s Days past help to soften the memories of sleepless nights and trying to decide whether to discipline or not to discipline. I usually go with a quote from the Wizard of Oz, ‘It’s not what to do but how to do it.” Each day I ask God for guidance to continue to say ‘Yes’ to His gifts. Our Blessed Mother is waiting to help. Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee.

Mary Help of Christians Pray For Us,

Son of Rita (Fr. Bline)

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