Pastor's Message March 24, 2019

Sometimes with all the talk this Lent about memento mori (remember thy death), I know it can be hard to get past the distractions that the skull and crossbones can bring. Perhaps it’s not about trying to get past it all, but being willing to accept that Jesus Christ has already conquered your death if you just rejoice in your Baptism. In other words, live in the resurrected joy that comes in the midst of remembering death. Look for His joy this Lent!

What a total joy this week has been for us to have the Music Man performance by our day parish school children. Along with the 110 students ranging from first through eighth grade and the help of dozens of parents and alumni (high school on up), there was such a witness of how God’s gifts work so profoundly in their lives. Thank you so much for your sacrifice and singing. We even had a few little cameo moments that became a bit of potential distractions (ehem, Fr. Bearer). But, our kids just could not be distracted from what their mission was...the show must go on! Distraction is something that can be one of the biggest tools that satan uses to make us miss the mark (hamartia, deriving from the Greek ἁμαρτία, which is a fatal flaw leading to the downfall of a tragic hero)...but, the spiritual life must go on! In other words, Scripture refers to this tool of “distraction” as a fodder for sin. If you want to truly go deeper during Lent, why not join Fr. Ryan Mann (who was with us for our parish Lenten Mission two years ago) as he leads us for a one-night reflection on Sunday, March 31st at 7:00 p.m. in the Church. His talk is entitled Distracted and Numb: a night of rediscovering our hearts and His in a modern world. If you want, you can even join us for Compline/Night Prayer at 9p with His Blessed Sacrament.

This Sunday our diocese is having the annual Bishop’s Brunch to help raise funds for special financial needs for our seminarians (i.e. insurance, healthcare, car repairs, etc.) Thank you for the prayerful and financial support you have constantly offered for them. Pray for our four seminarians (Deacon David Stavarz, Alexander Clark, Ryan Arto, Luke McNeill) and at least one more who is preparing for a fall entrance in the seminary. If you feel like you would like to help out our seminarians, please give a call to our rectory office. If you were not able to go to our diocesan night of Reconciliation last week, you have another chance to “get right” with Jesus. This Tuesday (March 26, 7p) our annual Lenten Cluster Communal Penance will be held at Queen of Heaven.

                                    Pax, Fr. Bline


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