Pastor’s Message – June 30, 2019

On Fireworks – Frassati – Fostering As today is my baby sister’s birthday (June 30th, also June’s, Cristina’s & Daniel’s), I remember when Amy had just turned two years old and we were so excited to have her see her first 4th of July fireworks over Stow-Kent Shopping Center. We did a good job preparing her for the pretty colors that magically sparkle and fill the whole sky (and the fun of bringing our folding aluminum chairs and blankets to sit outside our Ford station wagon…with a quick run to Ben Franklin store to get our penny candies). What we failed to explain to her is that fireworks aren’t just lights, but sounds…loud, crackling, zipping, booming and scary sounds that go deep into a toddler’s ears to bring a lot of terror. Yup…after the first Roman Candle burst in the sky with its brilliant color and exploding crack, it seemed like every sound became a terror for Amy to bury her screaming head into my Mother’s neck as she covered her ears. After that night, Amy was like a long-tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs anytime somebody even closed the car door too hard. As she grew up, she found out that some scary things can become beautiful and can grow in depth of meaning and wonder. Readiness is important. Knowing and experiencing are two different things. Wanting to and having a true desire are not the same thing.

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati (whose feast day is July 4th) and his sister Luciana grew up with parents who were passionately involved with politics and the arts. Although they were Catholic, they were not always fostered with a passion for the Sacramental life within their family life. As he grew up, Pier Giorgio carried the same strength of their passions, but used that same political and artistic strength to fully embrace his Catholic identity. Their political drive led him to establish support for social causes to bring about changes to address the needs of the poor and the outcast. Their love for beauty helped him to realize true beauty in his faith. Pope John Paul II called him “the Man of the Beatitudes” and saw him as one who lived a saintly life for the sake of others. Pier Giorgio found out who he was supposed to be in this life and the next through his love for the Blessed Sacrament, St. Paul’s letters and a tender devotion with Our Lady. If you haven’t found out about Pier Giorgio, why not pray with him in Mary to Jesus so that maybe one little corner of our country at a time, we can become a nation that is united and truly under God so we may be a blessed place of liberty and justice and dignity for all human life. Don’t forget to celebrate true freedom this 4th of July at our 9:30 a.m. Mass when we will be taking up a collection to resupply our St. Vincent de Paul Society’s supplies. Specifically, they need canned tuna, canned chicken, canned fruit, jelly and paper products.


– Fr. Bline

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