Pastor’s Message – June 2, 2019


Thinking about last week when I shared in the wedding of my niece (now Daniel & Tami Cohen) and then my nephew’s graduation from our school, I cannot help but think how this weekend’s feast of the Ascension of Jesus Christ gives us the daring command to ascend! We have been rising and now ascending during these Easter days just to lead us to this final octave between Ascension and Pentecost. That’s right, next Sunday brings us the Holy Spirit’s fire of Pentecost to remind us of the sealing of the seven fold Gifts given to us in our Confirmation. Ascend...find out what the gifts are all about and ask for them to rush through your life. So many have graduated over the past couple weeks and more in the future. Many prayers and blessings of the Holy Spirit upon those graduating kindergarteners, eighth graders, high schoolers, college and graduate students, and all who are in a time of transition in life. Be courageous and ascend to be a profound witness of His Resurrection and Ascension and Second Coming!

     This Monday, June 3 on the feast of Saint Kevin of Glendalough, you are invited to come to the 6:30 p.m. Mass for our annual Mass of Remembrance for parents/families who have lost a child. I don’t know if there is a greater pain than for a parent to have a child taken from them or to have to entrust their precious one in the arms of The Father and believe His promise of Resurrection through His only Beloved Son. We pray the Holy Spirit rests upon their thoughts and that their hearts are wrapped in the mantle of Our Blessed Mother who held her Son from the womb to the tomb to His Ascending Glory!

     Remember to take a look at what you’re wearing next weekend as we get the RED out for the weekend of June 8/9 as we celebrate PENTECOST SUNDAY. Many thanks to our art & environment committee who work so hard to help us embrace the fullness of The Spirit’s glory during these 50 Easter days!  Also, give some praise to God for our music ministry as they prepare to offer our choirs a little break during these summer months to catch their breath.    

Pax & Alleluia! Fr. Bline


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