Pastor’s Message – July 21, 2019

This weekend, we continue the missionary call of our Baptism by inviting Fr. Michael Moore from the St. Patrick Fathers, and will be here to promote awareness and support for their missionary efforts in Africa, South America and the Caribbean. (You can find out more information on their website at Within our own diocese, we received a notice of gratitude from Bishop Perez for the gift of support for the annual Catholic Charities appeal. For as long as we’ve been keeping track, we have once again surpassed our designated goal. Thank you for your constant sacrifice!

Some may wonder why I would even want to bring up the subject again, but I remember that it was a year ago this week when we heard graphic details about why Pope Francis accepted the resignation of the defrocked Cardinal McCarrick. It was a horrible reveal that we all had hoped was an isolated incident…but it was only the tip of the iceberg. Over this past year, we found out how encompassing and dark the accusations and facts spread throughout the Church. Like most, I still struggle over how to deal with it all. I have found prayerful strength in offering a chaplet of reparation from a favored book for reflection, In Sinu Jesu, which you can find online. Also, the Litany of Reparation that Fr. Bearer read last month at all the Masses is outstanding. The website, Blessed is She, offers strength in knowing how to deal with things in regards to the struggle not only in our Church, but also in our culture ( Time and time again, people have consistently recommended two particular writings for me to promote for people to reflect upon and to bring into discussion.

I have found people will either find consolation in them or want to argue over one or the other. Still, I thought I should off er them as a resource to pray over. Pope Benedict XVI broke his silence and wrote a letter to the Church to give his thoughts how “the power of evil arises from our refusal to love God” (

crisis.html). Another view comes from Auxiliary Bishop Robert Barron, who wrote a short book called Letter to a Suffering Church: A Bishop Speaks on the Sexual Abuse Crisis. The book is a call for Catholics to “stay and fight” for a healthy and holy Church. There are many resources online and within our diocese, as well. Even though it’s frustrating to see things move so slowly, we must each be vigilant in not forgetting and finding a way for healing and holiness. Mary, Help of Christians, Pray for Us. Pax, Fr. Bline

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