Pastor’s Message – December 1, 2019

Ok, so I know when I made the announcement of my June 1st transfer to St. Mary Seminary to become Spiritual Director, I asked that you would not tell me “Father this is your last_____.” I just don’t want to live these next seven months in some kind of “this is the last” mentality. But, this weekend begins Advent and since this is my favorite season of the year, let’s live Advent fully one more time together. Some may think my love for Advent is because of the purple and the pine or the candles and chants, but it’s so much more necessary than that. The more has nothing to do with how most of us preoccupy our Advent days with extravagance and more gifts, more cookies, more glitz, more Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol and razzleberry dressing. It is about the urgency for us to realize and accept the coming of Jesus Christ—not just in the manger from 2000 years ago (which we don’t really focus on until December 17 onward), but within our everyday moments of life and especially for His Second Coming. Please celebrate every aspect and every hour of these days of Maranatha (“come O Lord”). Celebrate Advent like a Catholic! Advent has to be something more than a wreathe:

+Every day from the first evening Vigil (November 30) through the morning of December 24th, pray with the Mass readings of the day. They will lift you up and thrill you to hear from the prophets foretelling of Emmanuel!

+Schedule yourself for daily Mass or Eucharistic Adoration & prepare ye the way of The Lord by going to Confession, so you can be embraced by Jesus’ merciful love in the Sacramental Life! (Our Cluster Communal Penance is Dec 10@ 7:00p)

+Each night of Advent from 9:00-9:14 p.m. come for Night Prayer with His Blessed Sacrament...what a great way to get tucked in for a cold winter’s night.

+Change up your musical selections. I love listening to my favorite Firestone Christmas and Muppets Christmas albums, but for the most part they are NOT Advent’s calling of the Coming of Jesus. I’m not saying you can’t sing Christmas carols, just make room for Advent songs.

+Remember Advent has been called “the little Lent” for a reason. Make those small sacrifices to prepare a room in your heart with His Sacred Heart.

+Thursday, December 5th we do not have our evening Mass so PLEASE join me @7p with Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Church (1866 Brown Street) to pray Advent with Fr. Sal Shevchuck. Cant Wait!

ADVENT IS READY...ARE YOU? Maranatha, Fr. Bline

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