HAPPY EASTER!! Alleluia! – Alex Clark

While we were not able to celebrate Easter the same was as we normally do, it is still such a beautiful time of grace. And as the reality of the Resurrection shows, God can and will use even the most difficult, unexpected and seemingly irredeemable parts of life to shatter expectations and bring life. What was true 2000 years ago continues today: Jesus Christ can and will turn death to life, darkness to light and sadness into rejoicing. Jesus desires to use even the very scary situation of the Coronavirus to bring salvation.

But with that all being said, I still miss being able to celebrate with you all! St. Francis de Sales has been such a spiritual support over the past 8 years, and I cannot thank you enough for all of your prayers, encouraging comments and love. And because so many have encouraged and prayed for me for so long, I figured I would share an update about my formation for, God willing, Diaconate Ordination, which was scheduled for this Saturday, April 18th.

Fr. Oleksiak, the Diocesan Administrator of the Diocese of Cleveland, called my class to Orders a few weeks ago. This means that our petitions to be ordained Transitional Deacons in preparation for priesthood have been accepted by the Church. The church has responded by officially calling us to be ordained to the Diaconate! The best analogy for this would be a marriage proposal. The Church “said yes” to our proposal for Ordination. 🙂

However, the original Ordination date of April 18th is not possible due to the current health risks and regulations surrounding the Coronavirus.

The Diocese is now looking to hopefully reschedule Ordination sometime in September or October. An actual date is still dependent on the impacts of the virus and the corresponding legal and Diocesan policies regarding large gathers and public health. At this point it does not look as if a date will be confirmed for several months, as the Church wisely waits to evaluate the health risks and discern the timing of when to allow for large liturgical gatherings.

Assuming health conditions allow, my classmates and I hope to return to finish our final year of seminary formation this fall in preparation for Priesthood Ordination in the Spring of 2021.

Again, I would like to thank you for your prayers, love and support that you show to all seminarians. You truly are too good to us! Know that you are all in my prayer every day and I am so profoundly grateful for your prayers, encouragement and love.

Alexander Vincent Leo Clark