Opus Sanctorum Angelorum Updated July 29, 2020

How do you know whether that nudge you keep getting or that thought that keeps popping into your mind is from God? When you have a decision to make, how do you discern what is God’s will in that situation? Ask your Guardian Angel! He knows God’s will for you. Easier said than done, right?  Maybe, but with some practice, it will get easier.

Sometimes we get confirmation we are on the right track, like when we keep remembering to call someone and we finally do it and they tell us how grateful they are or that we called at just the right time, or that we were an answer to their prayer. Other times it’s not so clear.

Guardian angels tend to work in black and white, right or wrong. Gray areas are almost always from the evil one.  If you find yourself wondering how far you can go and still be “okay”, you better pray for help quick.  That is a really slippery spot and it won’t take much for you to fall into sin.

When I am discerning God’s will in something and am afraid to say yes, I ask my guardian angel to show me why I’m afraid. If I’m afraid because I might fail or I might look stupid, or I don’t know how to do it, those are prideful reasons and usually mean my ego is involved, and I am being tempted to say no to God.  Guardian angels don’t care how hard something is for us or how uncomfortable we might be doing it. They know that if it’s God’s will, no matter what it “costs” us it will be worth it! God’s will is always best! We often get hung up thinking when we say yes to God’s will that we will have to do something we’ve never done before or we have no idea how to do, but we don’t actually “do” anything. God does it. He uses our hands, our voices, our passion to accomplish His will. He brings the people we need to help and/or the tools we need to build it. He pulls it all together. He just needs our yes so he isn’t interfering with our free will.

If, on the other hand, I’m afraid because a yes would put a strain on my vocation as wife or mother, or put myself or someone else in danger, or even put distance me and God, then I may well need to say no. This is not likely from God.

It helps me to think of these situations as opportunities to practice. Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I don’t. When I make mistakes, I learn things that help me grow in virtue or discover weaknesses or flaws in my nature that need work.  God can use everything, even our mistakes and failures, to draw us closer to Him. So practice. You will get better at knowing God’s will as long as you keep practicing, and asking your Guardian Angel.
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