Opus Sanctorum Angelorum Part III

If you’ve been listening to Fr. Bearer over the past couple weeks, you’ll know he has been telling us how important it is to read and pray with the Scriptures. In his Divine Mercy Sunday homily, he spoke about someone who said they couldn’t remember what they had for breakfast two weeks ago, but they were glad they ate.  That reminded me of something amazing our Guardian Angels can do. They can affect our memory. So, when we feed our minds with God’s Word, it is kind of like making deposits in our memory “bank”. Whenever we need hope or encouragement or peace of mind, our Guardian Angel can withdraw from our memory “bank” those beautiful truths in God’s Word and give them to us so we know there is hope, we are encouraged and we experience peace of mind. If we hadn’t read or listened to scripture, those words of God would not be in our memory “bank” to be withdrawn.

One way I enjoy “reading” the bible is to choose a topic I’m interested in like love or honesty or forgiveness.  Then I do a Google search on “Scriptures on ____ “ (you fill in the blank). Then I just start reading what comes up.  I write down or do a copy/paste of the ones that really strike a chord with me, including the book, the chapter and the verse. Then I print them out on colored paper and cut them into strips that can be put in places where I will see them often, like the refrigerator, or the bathroom or bedroom mirror, or even on my computer or desk. When I read them often, they take root in my heart and I can remember them and be changed by them. But even if I never read them again, my Guardian Angel would be able to remind me of them, because they were in my memory.

You are in my prayers!
Therese Holderbaum

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