It is hard to believe that we can’t go to church. I had been informing people that there would be no Eucharistic Adoration and that the church was closed. It was just hard to say, but I know it is for the good of all. The encouraging part is that many people are keeping their regular adoration time as a prayer time at home.

I watch the Mass on line, but it sure isn’t the same! Little response from the server or no response from the pews. It is hard to hear the echo in the empty church..and … No Communion… As the psalmist has said, “My soul longs for You, Oh Lord.” I am grateful for modern technology or we wouldn’t even have Mass on line.

I like to look at the picture of our sanctuary and go there mentally as I pray. I miss the peace, the calm, the presence of the Lord. I know He is with us wherever we are and pray, but it is not the same and I miss it. This was not a Lenten sacrifice I had planned to make!

This is a time that none of us have ever experienced before. It is a time of prayer and gaining even more perspective on life. It is a time of faith and hope and love. It is a time to increase our spiritual reading and our prayer time. God is with us wherever we are. We can still see His hand in our life each day, perhaps even more so. We must remember too that we have much for which to be grateful.

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