God often asks more of me than I think I can give.  So, when Lent came I was ready for Him- I was giving up acting out on feelings of anger & frustration.  Then, the coronavirus came & restrictions that were beyond my control gave me a penance I had not expected. The limitations that invaded how I practiced my faith gave me a physical & spiritual ache that I had never experienced.

I felt helpless & betrayed – how could the Mass, Adoration & my bible study group be threatened to stop?

After the initial feelings of shock wore off, I looked at what the Church was saying.  I was grateful to find that according to the guidelines of the Church, I did not fall into the vulnerable category of someone who could transmit or be likely to contract the disease, nor did I live w/someone who would be vulnerable.

Out of obedience & common sense I followed CDC /Church advice & continued to participate in Mass & Adoration, praying w/renewed depth for my intentions & those who were unable to attend Mass.  Through God’s grace, once the Church doors closed, I listened to a dear friend’s advice-‘ God shines brightest in the darkness, find His light & then, be that light to other.’

I, intentionally, search for ways to stay connected to God through prayer, online Mass, keeping in touch w/family & friends & looking for ways to help others.

This is not my penance of choice but God is wiser & more loving than I.  I will be obedient & faithful to what He & His Church asking of me because that’s what Catholics do.

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