I was amazed at how emotional I became because I couldn’t attend Mass and receive Communion on Sunday.  Then again when I couldn’t keep my appointment with God at my Tuesday Holy Hour.  On top of that Mary, my friend from Church, and I decided that it would be best for me if we didn’t meet Tuesday mornings till this is all over.

I have a deep-seated need to spend time in prayer and in the Presence of God. I need to hear Mass and be together with people doing the same.  St. Francis has become a home of great love for me and a big  part of this is because of you.  This quarantine has stopped all contact with all of this.

God, my Papa and I spend time each morning together in prayer, journaling and just listening and responding.  So I am not alone, but the community I have with others is stopped.

So as I was watching our Fathers’ post, I realized that they too must be going through the same emotions and needs.  I ache for them and their needs.  They are such good shepherds that they must also miss the contact.  (As I type this I realize I wouldn’t make a good hermit!).

I hope you are finding contact in the phone and email and texting.  All the things we usually tend to find intrusive have become a lifeline.

I pray for you everyday.  Know that I’m here.  I’m always here, I can’t leave!  LOL

Take care and stay healthy,

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