Easter Retreat Prayers

Happy Easter to you all!

The resurrection of Jesus Christ continues to confound the world. If we believe in Jesus’ resurrection, then we must live differently than those who do not. That Jesus Christ rose from the dead by the power of the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:11) means all that he taught, showed, did and is taught by the apostles about him requires our obedience faith. If Jesus is raised from the dead, then, he is Lord and there is no other. He is the Judge who is Merciful. He is the Savior and Healer. He is the one through whom all things were made (John 1:3). And, to believe in him must then mean to follow him and live as he lives (present tense).

Rejoice, then, in Jesus’ resurrection, because it means death is powerless before our God and it means we have been given access into the very heart of God through Jesus by the Spirit. May this Easter season continue to prepare you for a greater filling up of the Holy Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead and gives us new life.

SIDE NOTE: Following this Easter, I will be going on my annual silent retreat on April 6th and return on April 16th (yes, you read that correctly, a silent retreat...for 8 days...I’ll only talk for one hour with someone once a day...is it possible???). Please keep my director who I will meet with daily in your prayer - ask that the Holy Spirit inspires our conversations. And, please keep this ol’ chunk of coal in your prayers, too. Spread the word that I haven’t left early, nor been reassigned before my appointed time, nor have I been exiled; I’m just going on a retreat that the Diocese asks its priests to schedule each year for spiritual renewal. : )

ASIDE TO THE SIDE NOTE: I bet you’re wondering if there’s anything you can get Fr. Bearer as a “going away gift.” Look no further: https://my.ourrescue.org/fundraisers/fr-bearers-goodbye-gift. I am a monthly donor to the above organization named Operation Underground Railroad (OUR). They have an amazing story and they literally set slaves free in our day and age. We need groups like this to fight back against the evils of human trafficking. Please, pray for OUR and pray for an end of this horrific blight on our society through the intercession of St. Germaine Cousin.

God bless you,

Fr. Jacob Bearer

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