Dear St. Francis Family...a Good Bye from Fr. John Mulhollan

Well, I was feeling very settled in at my new parish, St. Francis de Sales, when I got a call, “You’re being considered for an Administrator position.” On July 12, I was notified that effective August 1, I’ll be the new Administrator of St. Peter Parish in Loudonville, Ohio (the canoeing capital of Ohio), and serving as the Chaplain of the Ashland University Newman Campus Ministry. Upon receiving the news of the bishop’s decision, I felt a little sad, because your welcome has been so overwhelmingly warm, kind and loving. I was truly feeling at home at St. Francis de Sales (the pontooning capital of Ohio)! I have so enjoyed getting reacquainted with the parish staff (most of whom were here back in 2014 during my internship year), and meeting families of all ages in this parish. As you welcomed me, I felt a renewed energy in my ministry, and a great love for the Eucharistic faith that is so present here!

Despite having to say goodbye to all of you, I am very happy and excited to be given my new positions. This will give me new challenges and offer me new insights into evangelization and service to college students. I will be following in the footsteps of several years of successful ministry by my predecessor and friend, Father Vince Hawk. I am grateful for the trust that the church has placed in me, and will strive to bring joy and hope to my new parish family!

I want to thank everyone of this parish for welcoming me so warmly and treating me as part of your family! Words cannot adequately describe how I feel, except to say that you have been a wonderfully positive influence on me, and I feel the Spirit saying that we will continue to keep in touch! Fr. Jeremy wants to make sure that Blaise keeps in touch with his newest “uncle!” I ask that we all pray for one another and that the church will continue to move forward in faith, hope and gratefulness for all the many gifts God provides! Again, thank you, and may God bless you and keep your families in His loving care!

Yours in Christ,

Fr. John Mulhollan

4019 Manchester Road
Akron, OH 44319
Ph: 330.644.2225
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