An Opportunity for Healing

This upcoming Sunday, July 26th, there will be a chance to be prayed over for healing, especially physical healing, after the 9:00AM and after the 11:00AM Masses. You won’t need to attend the Mass to join in that time of prayer. This is a time and opportunity to see the Lord Jesus enflesh the Good News in the body of the Church. Jesus does heal and wants to heal.

If you would like to receive prayers for healing after the 9:00AM and 11:00AM Mass on Sunday July 26th, please line up along the back wall starting at the St. Anthony statue. (The St. Anthony statue is the one nearest the rectory office towards Manchester Road.) Please physically distance yourself while in line. If you have trouble standing, please feel free to sit in one of the back rows of the pews.

Those praying for healing will be wearing masks and gloves. If you are uncomfortable with people laying a hand on your shoulder or head to pray for healing that is not a problem. Jesus can bridge the distance; we can remain feet apart and intercede for you for healing. When you come forward, simply tell those praying for healing that for which you would like them to pray and they will take time to pray with and for you.

Healing has taken place at St. Francis de Sales. People have had tumors that disappeared in their chest. Arthritis pain reduced after a time of prayer. People had very successful surgeries. People have experienced renewed freedom and peace in their lives. Jesus has done so much and he wants to do so much more! This is the good news: The Kingdom of God is at hand for you!

Although we want to be safe, we cannot cage the Gospel and we do not want to live in fear but in faith. This is an opportunity to see the Good News open up in our community in a unique way. I want to encourage you to also step out and pray with others outside the walls of the church. Creatively make opportunities happen wherein you can help someone know the goodness of Jesus by taking a few moments to pray with them. It might be awkward at first. But, the only way we will see more of what Jesus desires to give is by us stepping out in his Name to even stumblingly share the Gospel. You can do this! It doesn’t need to be scary. All we are doing is letting people know that they are cared for and that Jesus can help. You have good news at work within you! And, if people turn away, ignore or tell us they don’t want to pray, then no worries. If we step out in faith, it means we are being faithful. And, Jesus will reward that faithfulness for you and the person for whom you wanted to pray. He is that good!

Please join me in praying for those times of prayer this Sunday. Pray that Jesus brings healing, miraculous healing for those desiring health and the Good News to take on flesh in their bodies. Through the Cross, Jesus broke the power of evil, sin, death, and disease. We claim that goodness of his mercy over our lives and over our church so that St. Francis de Sales can be a place where the glory of God continues to shine before the world.

Peace & Prayer,
Fr. Jacob Bearer

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