Have you watched any of the Metanoia videos by Fr. Dave?

I just watched “JESUS calls and empowers.” Wow!

There is so much fear right now looming over us. I’m sure most of our parishioners are scared.

I imagined I was Lazarus. I was lying in the tomb with my hands and feet tied. Jesus starts yelling Amanda, Amanda and I stand up. My ties are covered with the words fear. And he so peacefully walks over and cuts my ties. The word fear falling to the ground. My eyes meet his and I immediately feel peace and comfort. He has released the thing that is holding me back from surrendering these uncertain moments to him. Sure, there are moments during the day where I have to re-envision that moment I had with Jesus to remind myself that fear is not an option right now. He is walking side by side with me, hand in hand, every minute of the day reminding me, he’s got me.

I wonder how many parishioners are scared and need hope.

“In the world you will have trouble, but take courage, I have conquered the world.” John 16:33

(AMANDA, March 18)

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