Julie Goshe

Julie Goshe - Coordinator of Educational Growth & Development

[team_member img="1179" style="shade" name="Julie Goshe" title="Coordinator of Educational Growth & Development" email="mrsgoshe@stfparishschool.org" phone="330-644-0638" image_height="100%" image_width="80" image_radius="8"]

Julie is a jack of all trades at our Parish school, assisting the principal, creating weekly communications for parents, focusing on the next steps of accreditation and helping with anything that improves the growth and development of St. Francis de Sales Parish School. Julie also lets her silly side shine for the students and sings songs when she makes the daily announcements. She turns to our spiritual mother for support, and refers to her as Blessed Momma Mary. Julie's a busy mother of four with her husband Jason, and in her free time likes to cook and play with her family. She bakes and designs a special cake for each of her children on their birthday, but says she's only committing to that task until each turns 10. "Forty cakes seems like plenty!"


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