A Mother's Love

This week I am not going to complain about the virus or social distancing or the sacrifices of living in such a way. I am grateful that all this "staying put" has led me to appreciate so many little things that I never took the time to notice. Last week, when I finally broke the five-week-restricted-barrier and crossed over my parent’s threshold to take care of something, I found my Mom resting in her rocking chair. I was just going to run in and run out (‘things to do places to go people to see" as my Dad always said), but something made me stop and listen. Maybe it was the stillness in the room as the sun was going down, or the all too familiar creak of her rocking chair that she was rocked in by her mother as she showed her how to one day rock each one of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in that very same chair. Something was different...I heard something more than the rocking chair. I heard the shallow, napping breath of my Mom who had a long day and was just a little tired of being without the daily/physical presence of her family. I heard the breath that gently breathed life into each one of our lungs (and still does), that romantically sang love songs with my Dad (and still does when no one is around), that holds her breath each time one of her kids is struggling or in trouble, that trustingly whispers every breath as prayers into the Heart of Her Savior. I smiled and thanked God that He would love me so much that He would allow me to be born from such a mother. I wonder how many times Jesus stopped and listened to His Mother’s sweet breath as She rested after a long day or when She wasn’t able to be with Him...if He, too, thought the mere sound of Her precious breath in the midst of His threatening world was enough to carry Him to where He needed to be. Find your moment this weekend for stillness and breath and being with Jesus’ Mother to carry you to where you need to be.

Happy Mothers’ Day Momma!

Pax, Fr. Bline, son of Rita

Since my son will be moving soon, I suppose this is my final Mothers’ Day column for you. My wish for all Mothers is for them to feel confident in their vocation as the security blanket their children turn to when they are troubled. We want to be the place they can feel safe to find the answers (that we don’t always have) that they need or at least the consolations for not finding them. Our Blessed Mother is here for just such a reason. She knows exactly what we are feeling and is there for the help we need. I cannot imagine what those without faith do in these times. Our children look to us for comfort when we are also looking for the same thing. Our children want to know how to respond to the questions of life like we do. There is only one comfort and one answer and Our Blessed Mother has shown us the way to Her Son. Thank you for taking care of my son all these years. (The photo is me with my Mom in 1940)

Love and Prayers,  

Rita Bline, Mother of a Priest 



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