A Litany of Thanks

So far, this month has been nothing but a time of giving thanks!

Daily, we are called to give thanks—to stop and remember the everlasting love of God and how His love plays out in our lives. There are so many reasons to give thanks to God!

Just looking back at the past few weeks in June, it is evident that we have been abundantly blessed.
I simply want to take this moment and list a few reasons I give thanks to God this month. This is only a glimpse of what and who I am thankful for, but here we go!

I thank God for Fr. Jacob Bearer! He was such a wonderful blessing to our parish. His love for healing, the scriptures, the Holy Spirit and more invited us into deeper relationship with God. Thank you!

I thank God for Fr. John Mulhollan! He is a delightful priest and it is a privilege to serve alongside him. He expressed how grateful he is in being able to minister here. It was great to see how many people remembered him and how he remembered so many members from years ago when he was an intern here. Thank you!

I thank God for our Parish Staff! Each of them has helped me in so many ways. They have worked countless hours to make sure we are where we need to be as a parish. Thank you!

I thank God for Mrs. Katie Dougherty, Mrs. Kathleen Ott and the entire Day School and PSR Staff! Talk about hard work! This past year was challenging on so many levels, especially due to COVID. I am utterly impressed by the love and determination of our school leaders. Thank you!

I thank God for our Day School and PSR Students! Our students showed extensive flexibility and love for learning as they did what they had to each day to make everything work. I was blown away the last week of school when I saw so many students crying as they left the school because they loved their teachers so much and they didn’t want it to end. Thank you!

I thank God for Mr. Dennis Ott and the Maintenance Staff! What a wild year it has been! I thank them for all they have done, especially for all the weekly set-ups it took to make our church overflow possible. Thank you!

I thank God for Keith Obermeier and his family who came and helped facilitate our Parking Lot Communion Services on Sundays at 3:00pm. It was a wonderful time to pray with our people and worship God in a safe way. Thank you!

I thank God for our Parish Council, who helped to create such a great environment for our Memorare Center Blessing with Bishop Malesic, Fr. Alex Clark’s First Mass and Reception as well as Fr. Bearer’s Farewell and Reception. Thank you!

I thank God for our Parish Finance Council, who helped make sound decisions so that the parish could endure this time of pandemic. Thank you!

I thank God for our Building and Grounds Group, for all the planning they did to make the Memorare Center
possible as well as all the work they do to ensure an aesthetically pleasing campus. Thank you!

Lastly, I thank God for FATHERS on this Father’s Day! I thank the Lord for my own dad, who has shown me what it means to die to self as he has dropped his own plans
daily in order to help us throughout our lives. Thank you!

I thank God for all of you! I pray in thanksgiving for all of you who were faithful to God and to Bishop Malesic as we have patiently waited for this time of worshiping together without restrictions! Go Holy Water! Woohoo!
Perhaps each of us can take a moment each day and write a litany of thanksgiving. By doing so, it will remind us of the goodness of our God in our lives.

May God’s peace and joy be with you,
Fr. Jeremy

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